Software and Consulting Sales Skills

Our core recruiting team is comprised of people who used to be software and consulting sales professionals.  Very few recruiting firms can make this claim! 

We know what it is like to make 40 calls a day, carry a quota, design sales campaigns, design quotas, territories and interface with customers!! 

We also have an appreciation for the hard work & magic that the pre-sales team does to help turn a prospect into a customer. 

Finally, the implementation team actually takes the promise and makes it a reality. 

It’s not easy to find the right combination of these skills, but it is a lot easier if you use the Pascack Group because we actually did it!!   Other firms just have head hunters, we have walked in your shoes and felt the same pressures you face every day.

We understand what companies seek in terms of skills and have access to the right people who will move business forward.

Our deep contacts reach into all the major software lines of business:  Systems software, security software, applications, business intelligence…

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We are always looking for:We are always looking for those with the following skills:

  • Software and Consulting Sales Professionals – All levels.
  • Pre-Sales Engineers – All levels.
  • Implementation Engineers – All levels.


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